A simple comparison at the structure and content of Jesus’ personal message to the 7 churches in Asia Minor.

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An Analysis of the 7 Churches in Revelation (300)

Analysis of the 7 Churches of Revelation

CHURCH "to the angel of the church at"
CHRIST'S SELF-DESCRIPTION (Images from 1:12-20) "the One who"
"holds the seven stars in His right hand and who walks among the seven gold lampstands" (2:1)
"The First and the Last, the One who was dead and came to life" (2:8)
"has the sharp, double-edged sword" (2:12)
"The Son of God, the One whose eyes are like a fiery flame and whose feet are like fine bronze" (2:18)
"has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars" (3:1)
"The Holy One, the True One, the One who has the key of David, who opens and no one will close, and closes and no one opens" (3:7)
"The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Originator of God's creation" (3:14)
doctrinal faithfulness, endurance through persecution, personal faithfulness to Christ; hatred of Nicolaitans (2:2-3,6)
economically disadvantaged, spiritually rich, faithful in persecution, slandered by the synagogue of Satan (2:9)
faithfulness to Christ, even amidst deadly persecution and the close proximity of evil (2:13)
love, faithfulness, endurance and growing ministry to others (2:19)
Some faithful believers, some ministry has been done by the church (3:2, 4)
faithful in ministry; faithful to Christ and His Word; slandered by the synagogue of Satan (3:8-10a)
CHRIST'S ACCUSATION "this I have against you"
"abandoned the love you had at first" (2:4)
false teachers within the church and the presence of Nicolaitans (2:14-15)
tolerant of heresy and immorality within the church (2:20-21)
dead church, living on reputation, not fulfilling God's purpose for the church, works incomplete (3:1b)
"you are neither cold nor hot"; lukewarm in devotion to Christ/one another; materialistic, spiritually blind, morally bankrupt (3:15-17)
Remember, Repent, Live as you did in the beginning. (2:5a)
"Be faithful unto death" (2:10d)
"Repent!" (2:16a)
Faithful should "hold onto what you have" as judgment is coming against those who would not repent. (2:24-25)
Remember, Keep the Word, and Repent (3:3a)
"Hold on to what you have" (3:11a)
Seek blessings and healing from Christ. (3:18) "Be zealous (committed, fervent) and repent" (3:19b)
remove the lampstand - unless you repent (2:5b)
Come and war against the heretics in the church with the Sword of Christ's mouth (2:16b)
Visit death, sickness, judgment according to their works (2:22-23)
Come against them like a thief in the night (3:3b)
"vomit you out of my mouth" (3:16b)
"Anyone who has an ear should listen to what the Spirit says to the churches." (2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6, 13, 22)
"the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in God's Paradise" (2:7b)
"the crown of life" (2:10e) "will never be harmed by the second death" (2:11b)
"some of the hidden manna" (2:17b) "white stone" and "new name" (2:17c)
"authority over the nations" (2:26b) and "the morning star" (2:28)
"dressed in white clothes" and "name never erased from the book of life" and "name acknowledged before" the Father and His angels (3:5)
a permanent "pillar in the house of God" inscribed with the names of God, Christ and the city of God - the New Jerusalem (3:12)
communion with Christ (3:20) and a seat on the throne with Christ and with God (3:21)
-Paul's initial visit 2nd Missionary Journey A.D. 51 (Acts 18:19-21); -Paul's 2.5 year stay on 3rd Missionary Journey A.D. 52-55 (Acts 19:1-41; 20:17-38); -Paul left Timothy there to strengthen the church (1 & 2 Timothy)
Lydia, a wealthy dealer in purple cloth from Thyatira was the first Macedonian convert in Philippi (Acts 16:14)
-Closely associated with the church at Colossae; -Recipient of a (missing) letter from Paul (Col. 2:1; 4:13, 15)
A simple comparison/contrast of Christ's message to the 7 Asia Minor Churches in Revelation 2-3.

As Evangelicals we don’t often look to the Puritans for spiritual and practical advice in the face of persecution. But, I am becoming increasingly convinced that many Puritan writers and writings are indeed a great and largely untapped resource for the Evangelical church in America. Though our number and influence appear to be diminishing, we have reason to stand firm, even when intimidated by the warning of being caught on the “wrong side of history.”

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I have gathered some links to articles that help us to think, pray and act as Christians in regard to persecution.

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I was asked to present a dramatic monologue this past Lord’s Day at Tate Springs Baptist Church in Arlington, TX. We started with the script “The Man With the Sponge”, written by John Holden. After some discussions and a few rounds of edits this was the final script.

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I am not a conversationalist. In fact, I am an introvert.It’s not that I don’t like talking to people. I actually like having deep conversations. I am just not good at starting them. I love to help people, and I long to be able to have helpful conversations with people that help them spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Ferguson helped me, at least in the area of having conversations that help people.

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When I pastored, I picked up a habit from John Piper where I would preach the first and last sermons of the year on encouragement from God’s Word to read, live and breathe God’s Word. Though I am not a pastor now, I still love to encourage people in their journey by pointing them to God’s Word.

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Open Bible Study

Ken Nichols —  January 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

Beginning January 20th, 2013 I will be teaching an open Bible study on the Gospel of Mark.

The class notes and handouts will appear here after the class meets. I hope you are edified by the helps provided here, and as always, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment.

To download handouts and teaching notes, go here!

A sermon from Romans 8:16-30 on the topic of suffering.

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Sorrowful, yet rejoicing

Ken Nichols —  December 15, 2012 — 4 Comments

Like many others, I am still processing the deadly outburst at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th, 2012. God helps me as I write. I hope He helps others through my writing to be sorrowful, yet always rejoicing. God, help us to hope in You.

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Is the Southern Baptist Convention really debating the Sinner’s Prayer? Yes, and no.

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The burden of leadership is placed on the few, to result in the obedience of the many, for the joy of all!

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Begin Again

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Jesus, Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, and J.D. Greear help me compose a helpful study on the Gospel, our first love and, beginning again.

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Help Me Strengthen the Global Church

 —  November 9, 2011 — 2 Comments

My name is Ken Nichols. I pastor a local church in Georgia, and I want to see God glorified among the nations.

I have been given the tremendous opportunity to travel to South Asia in January, 2012 for the privilege of teaching and training pastors and leadership of a burgeoning Church Planting Movement among Hindu and Muslim background believers. Our goal is to train pastors, and thereby affecting the hundreds of new local churches that have sprung up in the last 18 months. The impact of our ministry to them will be hard to quantify, but the potential for great Kingdom impact in an area where God is moving is tremendous.

I will be travelling with three other men from our local Baptist Association and we will be joining forces with a local IMB missionary. The trip, spanning nearly 2 full weeks, will cost approximately $2,000.

If you are able, please consider supporting this mission adventure by sending check or money order, with the notation #8 MISSIONS FUND,  to:

PO BOX 280
SARDIS, GA 30456

Your contribution is Tax Deductible and you will receive a giving statement from our church.

Thank you for your consideration!

Ken Nichols

An exhortation to fellow sinners, like me. We need to remember that sanctification (i.e. growing in holiness and Christlikeness) is all the work of God in us. But, we also need to remember that we play an active part, in yielding and placing ourselves under God’s means of grace.

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What kind of damage is done to our souls with the type of entertainment we subject ourselves to? How can we equip parents to beat back a world system that is increasingly immoral and ubiquitous?

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REVIEW: Radical Together

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How can we in the church best unleash the people of God in the Spirit of God with the Word of God for the glory of God in the world?
Read this review on David Platt’s new book RADICAL TOGETHER.

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From “if-only” to “All this and Christ, too!”
A review of Stephen Altrogge’s new book, “The Greener Grass Conspiracy.”

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Sometimes I Get In the Way

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Do you have a problem with letting God lead? Do you contend with God for supremacy? Do you find yourself getting in the way?

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Leaving a church should be a last resort. Find out why you may need to stick it out in a church where you’re not completely happy. It may just be the time to re-commit yourself and get to work!

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Personal Plan for 2011

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I am a big believer in the old adage “To fail to plan is to plan to fail.” For that reason, I try to set goals for growth each year. Because I pastor a local church, and I have a family, and I live life daily, I don’t always achieve my personal goals, but I don’t allow that to stop me from setting them.

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