A Blog Reboot

June 1, 2016

I am not famous, nor influential, but I am this: Committed to God’s Word, and helping others hear His Voice. It is their only hope.

I waded into the blogosphere a few years back while serving as a Pastor. I felt it was a good way to extend my teaching ministry beyond Sunday Sermons and church newsletters. While I never reached the masses, and my posts never engender loads of responses (other than spam comments), there have been occasional bits of encouragement from readers.

So, today, I am firing up the blog again. I am not currently pastoring, though that is my desire. But, I learn so much when writing that I feel it’s something I must do.

I hope you will benefit from my writing, and I hope you will read this post: Listen to God’s Voice. In it you begin to grasp the reason I write.

Ken Nichols

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